Below are table for point reference.

Reward Point For every purchase worth RM1.00 You earn 1 point
Reward Point  For every 100 point collected You can redeem up to RM1.00

Please note there is no minimum point to redeem. Which mean if you have 1 point only, you can redeem it worth RM0.01. To redeem, please do follow below steps:

Step 1

Browse the products on our website.

Step 2

Choose your product and add to cart

Step 3

Click View Cart

Step 4

On top of the page , you could click apply discount to redeem your current point.
This only appear if you have previously purchased a product

Step 5

you can see the amount points redemption as well as total you need to pay

Check current redeem points

You can check your current redeem points in My Account

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